hi. we're QuantumSUR (QS)

an internationally recognized advertising, marketing and branding agency, dedicated to bring our clients creative ideas, strategic corporate communications and successful, innovative marketing solutions.

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we are a small company who thinks big

what we do

we deliver exciting, compelling ideas that drive consumer behaviour across every channel and at every stage from in store to a shopper's front door. working with us means having for your business all the new technologies to improve your sales.

who we are

we are a team of creative and dedicated professionals with expertise and passion to develop marketing solutions to meet marketing needs of small or big organizations. we are a full service agency with years of experience in design, marketing and web development.

why we do it

we are marketing artists spreading our vision of the business word to every person we can. we believe in our capabilities to help a business to have a better visibility... there are too many companies out there with great products and/or services but not enough sales.

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...and we have much more to show!


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12818 willow centre dr., suite b, houston,TX 77066

telephone: 713.955.2449

fax: 281.893.1587

email: leo@quantumsur.com